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I am an anthropological archaeologist interested in ritual, household archaeology, ceramics, and the development of complex societies in Mesoamerica and lower Central America. As of July 2022, I am an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Wake Forest University.

Since 2012, I have investigated early households at the site of Ceibal, in Guatemala, as part of the Ceibal-Petexbatún Archaeological Project. I focus on the role of domestic and supra-household rituals in the development of ancient Maya society. As of 2021, I am also investigating pre-Hispanic residential sites and social change in the southern Azuero Peninsula of Panama.

In addition to my research, I am committed to undergraduate teaching and archaeological public outreach.


Ph.D., Anthropology

University of Arizona, 2019

M.A., Anthropology

University of Arizona, 2011

B.A., summa cum laude, Archaeology

Boston University, 2009

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