Introductory Classes

  • ANTH 0582 Introduction to Archaeology, U. of Pittsburgh (Spring 2020)

  • ANT/ARC 101 Human Origins and Prehistory, Pima Community C. (Spring 2019)

Mesoamerican Archaeology

  • ANTH 0536 Mesoamerica Before Cortez, U. of Pittsburgh (Fall 2019)

  • ANTH/LAS/MAS 334A Mesoamerican Civilizations: Maya, U. of Arizona (Spring 2019)

  • ANTH/LAS/MAS 334A Mesoamerican Civilizations: Maya (Online), U. of Arizona (Summers 2014-2016)


  • ANTH 1543/2533 Ancient States in the New World (undergrad/grad), U. of Pittsburgh (Spring 2020)

  • ANTH 1750 Undergraduate Seminar: Archaeology of Ritual and Religion (writing-intensive course), U. of Pittsburgh (Fall 2019)

Courses in Preparation

  • Archaeological Ethics and Law (undergrad/grad seminar)

  • Archaeology of Public Space (undergrad/grad seminar)

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