I am an anthropological archaeologist (Ph.D. 2019, University of Arizona), interested in ritual, household archaeology, and the development of complex societies in Mesoamerica and lower Central America. I am currently a Fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Since 2012, I have investigated early households at the site of Ceibal, in Guatemala, as part of the Ceibal-Petexbatun Archaeological Project. I am interested in the role of household ritual in the development of ancient Maya society. 

As of 2021, I am also conducting research into pre-Hispanic communities in the southern Azuero Peninsula of Panama. 

In addition to my research, I am committed to undergraduate teaching and archaeological public outreach.

Excavation of an early residential struc


  • Development of complex society

  • Preclassic Maya

  • Household archaeology

  • Ritual

  • Transition to sedentism

  • Public space

  • Archaeological outreach

  • Ceramic analysis


Ph.D., Anthropology

University of Arizona, 2019

M.A., Anthropology

University of Arizona, 2011

B.A., summa cum laude, Archaeology

Boston University, 2009